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theloverlygeek fragte: If Barry Allen runs backwards, is that a Flashback?



hilarious lol

Human Chapter 1 - A Klaroline fanfiction

Summary: (AU) Klaus makes the acquaintance of a girl named Caroline in a bar. He spends the night with her but wakes up alone the next morning, although the Hybrid couldn’t foresee his insatiable urge for her.

”Took you long enough.” She said with a teasing grin.

The stranger gave a grunt before severing the connection to her skin altogether. Caroline frowned and was disappointed by the loss of contact.

Just before turning around she felt his hands on her hips again. Though this time they were stronger and more possessive. When Caroline looked down she saw a pair of hands placed on her stomach, holding her tight against him. She could barely conceal a moan as she leaned her head back against the stranger’s neck and aligned her body with his, while trying to distract herself from her throbbing core by cushioning her backside against the bulge of her partner.

As Caroline closed her eyes she was aware of her other senses. Smell. Touch. Feel. Her mind was telling her all these things she could barely process. She felt hot all over and her body heat increased while standing so close to him. The way her cheek was next to his and she could feel his scruff. Leaving raw marks on her skin, igniting her body. The feel of his soft curls in her hand as she raised her arm to his neck. His breath on her ear, in the same rhythm as hers – fast and panting.

”I was just enjoying the show, sweetheart.”

Her eyelids stood at half-mast at the feel of the warm heat of his. God, he has an accent. His voice could melt panties, she thought through her foggy brain.

”Did you now? And how about this?” She exhaled a breath and deliberately guided his strong hand along her thigh to pull her dress up a bit. She licked her suddenly dry lips, as she felt his erection pressing against her behind.

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Holy fuck! 

This image will haunt me for a long time. He’s so vulnerable…

He’s just realised what he’s lost. 
The way his fingers are tensing, just searching through empty space for the merest hint of Felicity - utterly heartbreaking.

Oh Ollie….