can y’all shut the fuck up about snape when we had LITERALLY THE SWEETEST MAN EVER

Sweetest moment ever! *suppresses a tear*
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Fight for Her - A Klaroline fanfiction
This here is short and sweet.

I don’t tell anyone about the way you hold my hand
I don’t tell anyone about the things that we have planned
I won’t tell anybody, won’t tell anybody
They wanna push me down, they wanna see you fall down
I won’t tell anybody that you turn the world around
I won’t tell anybody that your voice is my favorite sound
I won’t tell anybody, won’t tell anybody
They wanna see us fall, they wanna see us fall down

- Parachute by Ingrid Michaelson -

She was done. When this event was finally over she could wipe away the friendly smile that hurt her cheeks and roll her eyes at the superficial people all around her, she would … go away to drown her sorrows in a bottle of Tequila or some really good comfort food, preferably chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, Caroline encouraged herself and hoped that in a few weeks or so this scorching hot pain would recede to a dull throbbing.

God, please don’t cry. She pulled herself together and hoped it looked like the bright light of the chandeliers were blinding her.

Caroline smoothed her hands down her backless low-cut neckline nude evening gown whose diamonds on her upper body and back glittered in the enormous room, she was rewarded with another relishing glance at her spine that was framed with a few curls of her hair, and went towards the bar, while reminding herself to only stick with one glass of champagne, two at most.

She knew that these women could be your best friends the first moment and bestow you with their kind smiles but gossip between each other like cold-hearted sharks how you drowned your hardships about your cheating husband in alcohol and made an utter humiliating fool of yourself.

One little show of weakness and she would be served as dinner for all these greedy people, just as these photographers and reporters that seemed to haunt her at every turn for four months – since everything started. And it only had gotten worse since the big break-up was filling the front the pages of not only the gossip rags but also the business section..

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The Trevor Project


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I Believe in You - An Olicity Story

Here I am and back with the continuation of the previous chapter. I’m thanking all the people read, favorited and followed this story. I love you all and a big thank you for all the kind reviews! You really made my day.

No beta. This continues after Felicity wakes up, two years after she’s presumed dead.

Don’t let me hold you back. Enjoy!

And I’ll build a fire, you fetch the water and I’ll lay the table
and in our hearts, we still pray for sons and daughters
and all those evenings out in the garden, red, red, wine
These quiet hours turning to years

- Sons and Daughters by Allman Brothers feat. Liz Lawrence

What happened before:

On a mission gets shot and because of incomprehensible reasons, everyone thinks she’s dead.

What would you do if you woke up one day and found out that you had no idea who you were. No idea what your name was, where you came from, who your friends were – if you even had some in the first place … It was thoroughly frustrating and maddening.

And because she needed a name like every normal person, she thought of the name Emily Richardson.

Emily wondered if her memory would ever come back to her. It sounded weird but … she feared her past. The person she was, the people she knew. It also was hurting her that no one came looking for her or was visiting while she slipped into Coma-Land. Well, maybe it was better that she didn’t know what happened, she told herself.

It was now important to focus on the future.

This bugging piece of shit of a bastard! He so had it coming. He was ruining her brand new caramel lace-up Suede thigh-high boots. She was running in them after him, but still! This was about the big picture.

Emily was running a short cut through a darkened alley, in the hopes of getting her perp the fastest way possible, who was on top of it her rent payment.

There was nothing more exhilarating and exciting than catching her booty. And besides, it was good work-out to run and it held her fit. She liked the rush it gave her being a bounty hunter.

But she hated spoiling her skin-tight backless red dress that reached mid-thigh for it. The burst of anger at the thought propelled her forward and she pushed her shin against the man’s chest who came running down the sidewalk, and whose breath left him in a whoosh and he fell to the ground.

"You’ve got the wrong man, lady!" The dark-haired man protested with raised arms.

Emily got the handcuffs out and restrained his hands behind his back. She didn’t deny that she cuffed him a bit tight. She laughed. “Uh huh … oh really? So you’re not Alexej Zhukov who didn’t appear for his trial date three weeks ago? Geez, he looks exactly like you.” She pondered mockingly.

The bounty huntress saw a crowd of people already gathering. She smiled when a few laughed at the man’s expense and others even clapped their hands.

"You got the wrong guy!" He called out in outrage. "I want a lawyer."

"Good. You need one for your trial." She shot back and put him in the backseat of her car.

Emily smirked. God, she loved her job.

The brunette decided to enjoy the sunny afternoon at one of the outdoor tables in front of the café she often frequented and sipped at her steaming cup of sugary cappuccino with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top.

She saw cars pass her by, the occasional laughter and then heard someone say, “Felicity?” in a whisper. Emily got her phone out of her tight-fitting jeans to call Annika and tell her she had the money for their shared apartment when a female shrieked out, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

She nearly fell off her chair at the screeching sound and dropped her precious dose of caffeine in the process, but looked up to see what the commotion was all about.

At the edge of her table stood a young woman with smooth brown hair that reached her neck and shouldered a black sling bag which fitted perfectly against the girl’s blue blazer, the black top, the close-fitting dark blue jeans and the black lace-up high-heel ankle boots.

And she seemed pissed – at her?!

"Uhm, … can I help you with something?" Emily hoped she could calm the crazy woman down with politeness.

"Help me? Wow, that’s rich coming from you, Felicity! We thought you were dead. And what did you even do with your hair?!" The strange woman cried out and called the attention of the other patrons to them. She could already feel the heat rise in her cheeks and abruptly stood up to make her leave.

"Look, I don’t know who you are…" The angry woman scoffed and shook her head. "… but maybe you took me for somebody else. So I think I’m gonna go." She pressed her lips together and hastily grabbed her coffee.

"That’s it? You’re leaving just like that?!" She raised her hands in disbelief. "And what about Oliver? You’re gonna leave him in his misery?"

This girl was seriously scaring her now. “I don’t know anyone called Oliver.” She stated confusedly.

This seemed to stop the raving brunette. “What?” She huffed. “You can’t keep doing this. You can’t keep running from your past, Felicity!”

And with that Emily ran off.

The dreams were coming back. Nothing major, just the last moments before she fell into a coma.

Someone was hovering above her who was wearing a hood. Everything just seemed so blurry and confusing to her. Especially when she felt a strong hand clasped around hers and strangely she could draw comfort from it.

She could only make out words like “Wake up”, “You’ll be alright” and always the name “Felicity” was being called out like a prayer.

And then she would wake up.

"I think you should go see this girl, Emily." Annika said her opinion out loud to her roommate while she drank a cup of coffee for breakfast at the table while she stroked the striped fur of her cat ‘Pinky’ who snuggled leisurely on her lap. She was still wearing her fluffy blue bathrobe and didn’t have to leave for her shift until midday.

Emily looked up at her. Her friend wore her hair into a bob, after all these years she still didn’t let it grow longer than her nape. She only changed the hair color – this month she favored caramel.

"Nika, you can’t seriously consider this. She could be a loco girl who probably mistook me for someone else. She obviously did. I told you, she screamed at me and I quote, ‘We thought you were dead’.

Her friend sat down, she was grateful to call her one after she was dismissed from the hospital, and felt hurt and confused at that. Who even in their right mind would offer a stranger a place to live?

"But she called you ‘Felicity’, didn’t she?" She asked with a knowing, but slightly worried look, as always when she was being reminded of how they met in the first place – when she was hurt and alone with no one to turn to.

"Coincidence." She immediately shot back.

Annika continued as if she hadn’t heard a word. “She called you a name which you hear in your dreams every time. She mentioned that you used to have a different hair color. Why not find out? I’ve got to admit I don’t see the feisty and reckless side of you any longer, hon.” Annika provoked her with a mocking tone.

Emily raised her hands. “Fine, fine. But don’t be disappointed if you’re wrong.”

"You mean ‘when’."


"When." Annika singsonged.

The brunette huffed and stood up to put her dishes in the sink. “God, you suck.”

"You love me." Annika called out playfully with a smile.

Emily sat in a booth at the café she frequented the day before and waited with a tapping foot, hoping that the brunette from yesterday would show up. She really hoped she would, the caffeine intake wasn’t calming her alertness and impatience.

She was just about to take out her glasses and read a book – she forgot to put in her contact lenses this morning – when the doorbell rang and the fashionista herself walked in.

The brunette looked around as if she was expecting someone when she saw her sitting by the window. Emily stood up to take a step forward but saw her hesitate before she met her halfway.

"I’m sorry." That seemed to stop her in her tracks when she was about to say something. "For yesterday, I mean. I reacted badly but I guess we both had our reasons to be upset."

The woman opposite of her appeared through and through confused. “I don’t understand. What is going on?”

"Would you just listen and answer a few questions of mine?" At her tentative nod Emily started, "Two years ago I got shot and hit my head in the process. And the next thing I knew is that I woke up in the ICU with…" She exhaled a shuddering breath. "…not remembering anything. I had no recollection of my past years, what my name was. Nothing."

She let it all sink in and saw her take a deep breath. “What? Are you … are you serious?” She asked in a whisper.

"Yes. I keep having these dreams where someone says the name Felicity and then you came and said you thought I was dead. And I … I don’t know what to believe anymore. Did we know each other before?"

"No." At seeing her disappointed frown, she backtracked. "That would be a strong word but I know someone who does. And here … if you still don’t believe me, believe this." She pulled a card out of her bag, which upon a second glance was an ID.

Oh my God. She clasped her hands on her mouth and felt tears prickle in her eyes. She looked at a picture of her with blonde hair tied in a ponytail, glasses, pink-colored lips and a soft smile adorning her face. And underneath it-

Her name.

Felicity Smoak

Executive Assistant at Queen Consolidated

She raised her head in shock. Her name was Felicity. Felicity Smoak.

"What? Why would people think I’m dead?" Her voice sounded raspy and like she woke up from a coma all over again.

"I don’t know." She shrugged her shoulders cluelessly and Emi… Felicity – she’d have to get used to this name – saw how it was getting to her when she was also close to tears. "The doctor said you died after you went into shock. It beats me how it went so wrong."

"Annika, the nurse said I had no ID on me. They just listed me as some stranger."

She had no idea how this could have happened. All this time she thought she had no one to call family or that nobody cared about her, she was declared dead. Gosh, that sounded like a bad soap opera.

"Do I have family, friends, … a boyfriend?" Felicity added as a joke.

The girl blotted her tears and stood up. “I think someone else would be more fitting to answer these questions. Wait here.”

Before she could go too far, Felicity cried out, “Hold up! What’s your name?”

She smiled kindly and stretched out her hand, “Thea Queen. Nice to meet you.”


A few minutes later a strongly built and dark-skinned man who was wearing a suit, that only seemed to enhance his muscles, came inside.

First he seemed shell-shocked, then teary-eyed and at long last shared a happy and hopeful smile with her. Something was nagging at the back of her mind, making her guess that she saw him before though she had no memory of him.

She reached out a hand intuitively. “Hi, I’m … Felicity Smoak. We have met before, haven’t we?”

Felicity had the feeling that she let him down by his slightly disappointed expression but was easily consoled when he shook her hand with a tight grip. “We did. But let’s just say, it’s an honor to meet you again. Call me Diggle.”

Felicity had to admit she needed that meeting with Thea and Diggle. She was afraid what a person she was before her Sleeping Beauty phase. She was just apprehensive that she would let the people down who knew her and that the previous Felicity would be hard to unearth.

Nonetheless, she was feeling wholesome again and filled with a warm feeling in her stomach.

Checking her text messages, Felicity realized that her friend Annika hadn’t answered her previous text while she sat in Big Belly Burger and waited for her arrival. Felicity decided to go outside and see if she was taking a smoke when she heard a whimper resounding from the alley across the street.

Cursing her curiosity, she jogged towards the scene that was shrouded in darkness – and saw Annika crumpled to the ground and next to the trash cans that shielded her body.

"Oh my God, Nika! What happened? Are you alright?" She checked for injuries but found none, thank God. Just her crying friend who helplessly sobbed. "H-he att-attacked me. The money … my purse…"

When she heard clattering noises on her right, Felicity stood up and turned – to give the culprit a piece of his own medicine – to see someone else beat her to it. A man dressed in black clothing, black hoodie and black jeans, was beating the man to a pulp and didn’t show much restraint.

Felicity could feel the angry and aggressive waves from where she stood and decided to intervene. “Hey! As much as I like a good fight now and then, this jerk looks like he’s barely moving.”

She saw Hoodie stop bashing the other man’s head who promptly fell unceremoniously to the ground.

"What did you say?" The guy said with a gruff and barely restrained voice.

"Thank you for helping my friend. But I’d rather not see two people in police custody, especially after you just saved someone."

That made him turn towards her and pull his covering hood back. That almost urged her to take a step back when she saw the hot guy underneath it who was perfecting the ruggedly look with his longer stubble and tense jaw. He looked at her like at an oasis and couldn’t believe that she was standing there.

Hoping that she could distract him from his wild rages and intense stares, Felicity pulled her hand out. “Felicity.”


"You know, that’s my name. A few days ago I thought mine was Emily. Long story, I got shot, hit my head and was presumed dead. Two years later I woke up with no memory. Oh, I guess it isn’t so short … And I ramble." Felicity frowned but shrugged.

She looked up at him expectantly. He coughed and seemed to have gathered his composure when he said in a soft tone, “Oliver. Oliver Queen.”

Read on

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Let’s play a game. Let’s play Murder. 

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Excerpt of my continuation of the one-shot Human (Part 1): “As I said before…”

Caroline rolled her eyes which put a dimpled smile on his face but she decided not to back down as she crossed her arms which accentuated her breasts and at long last had gotten his attention. Good to know that she still had a certain degree of power over him, Caroline thought with a proud grin.

"I don’t know why that should concern you?" She teased with a raised eyebrow.

Klaus chuckled to himself and looked up at her from under his eyelashes and took one step closer to her.

Caroline knew what would happen if they got near each other, she took cautionary steps back - even when he seemed to enjoy and look forward to their little dance - until she was standing against the hood of her car.

He blocked any escape by placing his arm next to the window and looked at her with an intense stare that left goosebumps in his wake.

The young blonde closed her eyes in defeat and pulled in several breaths to calm her nerves. Only he would be able to confuse her after just one night together. Klaus knew which buttons to push and how to bring her to the brink of madness.

Caroline felt his burning gaze even behind closed eyelids, coupled with his hot breath that tickled her lips and she was becoming an ignited libido.

She had missed this. She knew one night wouldn’t have been enough. Being this close to him, hearing his voice and smelling his oh so virile scent, her new favorite fragrance it seemed, was invigorating and unnerving.

"It does concern me, Caroline. Seeing you here matters to me." Klaus softly said, trying to convey the meaning through his expressive eyes.

If you want to read more, visit me on my FF page. Tell me what you think. Please review. And for those who are curious, a multi-shot is in the making. Just be patient, I’m still determined on my Olicity story I Believe in You. Love you all!
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Hello everyone! I’ve been tagged and asked by my secret Olicity fanfic hero myherocomplex and decided to just give her wanted she wanted: my desktop picture. It’s just a pic of my holidays in Philippines! :)

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HolyKlaroline’s Drabbles
Chapter 2: I’m pregnant
AU: Caroline is pregnant and she’s trying to spill the news to Klaus, to daddy of her baby.(Human)

Caroline had just learned about her pregnancy. Yeah, they definitely should have used condoms more often than…

Really cute! :)
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A new fanfic for the Olicity community. I hope you like it, journey-blr. This is for you…

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