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Destiel Moments [1/?]

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Destiel Moments [10/?]

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Has Joss told you anything about the arc of the movie?

Chris Evans, the king of not knowing who the villains in his movies are.


I bet Sebastian Stan walked onto the set of Winter Soldier and he was like “what are you doing here? Bucky’s the Winter Soldier? You’re shitting me? They don’t tell me anything.”

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Human - A Klaroline Fanfiction

I was experimenting a bit with the characters here and tried something new. It is during the time Klaus is looking for werewolves to turn them and I asked myself what he did during his time. ;)

I don’t own The Vampire Diaries.

Set after 3x05. AU

P.S. I changed the rating to M, so … smut is coming. At least I’m trying.

But I’m only human

And I bleed when I fall down

I’m only human

And I crash and I break down

Your words in my head, knives in my heart

You build me up and then I fall apart

'Cause I'm only human

- Human by Christina Perri -

"Portland is fantastic once you can get over all the whiney music and healthy-looking people. It’s literally a breeding ground for werewolves." Klaus Mikaelson, in 3x09 Homecoming

Portland, Oregon

Klaus cleaned the residual blood off his arm with a rag as he overlooked the streets from his suite in Hotel Monaco in Portland. Today had been a success. He could gather five werewolves and turned them successfully into Hybrids.

Thinking of the day’s achievements made him decide to celebrate. A few drinks, maybe someone to drink from. Now that would be one hell of party.

Klaus went into the bathroom to clean his face, not wanting to take anything to chance. It wouldn’t be a good start when asked to say, “Uh, I was killing werewolves in the Forest Park right here in Portland. It’s just a wonderful city. And what are you doing for a living?” Well, not the best way to lure someone in under a false sense of security.

He changed into a new pair of Jeans and threw away his bloodied shirt, putting on a grey Henley and a dark leather jacket. Klaus grabbed his cellphone on the way out and ordered to the Hybrid guarding his room, “Tony, mate. You’ll stay here and call me if anything happens.”

At his silent nod he grinned in approval and went out of the building. As Klaus drove with his Range Rover to a bar called ‘Crush’ he noticed that it was getting close to midnight. The perfect time to let his inner wolf hunt, he thought with a smirk.

Klaus went to the bar to order himself a glass of Whiskey and let himself enjoy the soothing burn down his throat. After fifteen minutes he could hear the distinct sound of joyful laughter. Acting out of sheer curiosity Klaus saw a group of young student girls having fun. Though the one who got his attention was the radiant blonde woman.

Vibrant would be a fitting word for the way she laughed and enjoyed herself with her friends. Sharing her beaming light with them. He banned these thoughts immediately because he didn’t want any emotional bond with the girl whom he was drinking from tonight.

Caroline was close to tears from clutching her stomach so hard when her friend Abigail shared her latest mishap from her workplace.

"… I had no idea that she would give it to me at work, okay! But this thing wouldn’t stop buzzing. Gosh!"

"That’s what they normally do, sweetie." Caroline cooed before she gave a high-five to Natalia on her right, who was sitting between them.

"Haha, very funny. Let’s see how much you laugh when it happens to you." Abbs deadpanned.

Caroline and Talia shared a look before barely concealing their choked laughter.

"You seem so confident that we will send a vibrator…" She imperceptibly looked around as if anyone would listen in to their conversation, "… to our cubicle."

"Oh, come on, Abbs. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. And it was definitely a fun story to tell." Caroline said with a wink.

Abbs groaned as she threw her head back. “Oh God, you’re never going to let me live this down, do you?”

"Nope." came Caroline’s answer.

Followed by Talia’s, “Never.”

Abbs rolled her eyes as they all chinked their drinks. After some time Caroline felt Talia poke her ribs.


Her friend looked in the direction of the bar as she whispered in her ear, like sharing a secret with her.

"This hot guy is staring at you."

When she tried to look, Talia grabbed her arm to hold her back. “No, don’t look.”

"But … aren’t you looking and maybe succeeding in staring him down?"

As she finally loosened her grip Caroline could finally sneak an inconspicuous look, okay she tried to.

And she was right. He was definitely hot. And staring at her. Caroline still couldn’t help but gasp as she looked him over. That guy had a rugged look going which meant he was … steamy.

He wore boots, tight Jeans, a Henley (which she could surely take a liking to) and a leather jacket in that she would love to dig her fingernails in (and not only in a fashionable sense). That man perfected the look with a couple of necklaces, stubble lining up his cheekbones, full pink lips and blonde curls which she imagined combing her fingers through.

Caroline really had no idea since when she got so wild but a few things she knew for sure. Point one, it had been a month since she caught her boyfriend in bed with someone else, so she was definitely up for some action. Point two, that guy looked like wild rolling in the sheets. Point three, and surely the most important one, he was royally screaming ‘Bad Boy’.

It still didn’t mean she couldn’t have some fun.

When Caroline realized he was smirking at her she knew she got caught. Well, all of them, since they turned their heads so abruptly she was afraid her and her friends would get whiplash.

Smiling to herself, Caroline announced, “Girls, that wasn’t suspicious at all.”

Ordering another round, Caroline couldn’t help but share a smile with her handsome stranger as she nipped at her drink.

She was going to let loose, Caroline decided with a wicked thought.

This girl was certainly trying to kill any man in this bar, Klaus grinned wolfishly to himself.

He saw her come to a decision after she saw him watching her. Unexpectedly she ventured to the dance floor and raised her hands in the air, dancing to the rhythm of the music. Admittedly he preferred the jazzy tunes of the ’20s, contrary to modern genres as House, Techno and Dance, and whatnot.

Although the way she was dancing made him reconsider all his beliefs. Klaus kept watching her back as she tilted her head and touched her arm languidly with her fingertips. He couldn’t help but notice the blonde’s hips, how they twirled and imagined other things she could do with these legs.

From his perspective he could truly appreciate her tight-fitting dress. He sighed as he shook his head. Women of the twenty-first century and their far from modest clothing. What a wonderful idea to emphasize the hills and curves of beauty. And to sate the eye and nurture the mind.

When the beauty turned her head and looked him straight in the eye as she put her hands on her waist and rolled her hips, he knew he was going to enjoy the show that this blonde was so willing to give him.

She kept her back to him as she continued dancing, swaying her hips to the music. She would tilt her head back and raise her arms which in turn pulled the hem of her dress up, showing more of the sun-kissed skin of her legs.

How this night was changing for him. Klaus was counting on looking for a prey in his nightly chase and instead found someone who was trying to seduce. Try all you want, sweetheart. I’ll have you writhing by the end of the night.

Every time Caroline danced she would never feel more free than this moment. No thinking. Just feeling.

Caroline thought back to the handsome stranger and couldn’t stop smiling. It was fun to play this game of seduction, she thought with a pleased grin. Why should she go up to him when he would come to her instead. Besides, nothing could stop Caroline once she set her eye on something. Or someone.

She felt the touch of hands settling on her waist and sighed. Finally. The stranger gave a grunt before severing the connection to her skin altogether. Caroline frowned and was disappointed by the loss of contact.

Just before turning around she felt the feel of hands on her hips again. Though this time they felt stronger and possessive. When Caroline looked down she saw a pair of hands placed on her stomach, holding her tight against him. She could barely conceal a moan as she leaned her head back against the stranger’s neck and leaned her body aligned with his.

As Caroline closed her eyes she was aware of her other senses. Smell. Touch. Feel. Her mind was telling her all these things she could barely process. The way her cheek, was next to his and she could feel his scruff. Leaving raw marks on her skin, igniting her skin. The feel of his soft curls in her hand as she raised her arm to his neck. His breath on her ear, in the same rhythm as hers.

Caroline loved the scraping of his jeans on her skin. She nearly came undone by the image of them together. Two bodies close to each other which were lined up as one. She always loved the seductive dance of two people. Intimate contact. No distance.

When she turned to look him in the eye Caroline saw the sea-green color of his eyes, rendering her speechless. She thought that she never saw a more beautiful pair of eyes.

Klaus was just on his way to claim the blonde beauty when he saw the fouled hands of a pathetic and despicable lowlife on her pure skin. He barely noticed that he let out a growl before moving in his hybrid speed to the grimy imbecile. Nobody took notice of him ripping his arms off the girl’s waist and breaking his hands in the process.

The boy could only let out a sound of pain before Klaus put his hand on his throat, exerting just a bit of pressure and showing him his infamous death glare that before him already had some vampires run screaming. Just like this poor chap.

Not wasting any time Klaus filled in the vacant spot behind the blonde beauty and settled his hands on her hips, conveying his possessive and aggravated emotions without meaning to. And he didn’t understand one bit why he felt so keenly that way.

Klaus shook his head to ignore his line of thought and focused on more enjoyable things such as the feel of this one girl in his arms. Now he could imagine why men of this century loved their women scantily clad.

The Hybrid felt the girl turn her head and brush her lips against his cheek and inhaled her smell which was a mixture of beer and her natural vanilla fragrance. It left tingles down his back straight to his groin. Or more like lust.

Doesn’t matter. She will make a glorious sight, spread out and bare on my bed.

This guy really had some moves, was her mind thinking as she swayed with her sexy stranger. If a guy could dance as talented and sensual like this, then he had to be a real rocket in bed. Caroline bit her lip at this thought.

Feeling him at her back, without seeing him, nor knowing him evoked a burst of arousal through her body. Caroline bit back a moan when his hands ventured under the swell of her breasts. Her clit started to throb when she imagined him putting his hands on them.

God, why did he have to tease her like this?

Payback is a bitch, she thought with a devilish smile as she raked her hand through his golden locks and pulled him at his hair until Caroline heard him growl through gritted teeth. She teased him further by dragging his face closer to hers so he could feel her breath on his lips, same as she could almost taste his Scotch.

When Caroline saw the Greek God’s eyes linger on her red-painted lips, her heart leaped at joy, knowing she succeeded at her first step of seduction.

And here comes Step Two.

Caroline pulled him roughly to her as she put her lips to his. She couldn’t suppress the moan from escaping when he practically compelled her to open to her mouth by invading her with his tongue. She felt the all too familiar dance with his tongue when he caressed hers.

Caroline had always been a fan of foreplay. It was a taste of what was to come.

She sensed how his hand went from her breast down a path past her hips and slowly raised the hem of her dress to put it on her inner thigh, close to her panties. That guy nearly drove her mad when he rubbed circles up her skin. Wanting to retaliate Caroline pushed her hips back and rolled them against his crotch and felt herself getting wet when his obvious arousal was poking at her ass.

Sometimes Klaus really couldn’t decide if his Werewolf gene was a gift or a curse - this was one of these times.

He was able to sense her smell of arousal as this bloody vixen rubbed herself against him. He was filled with a proud satisfaction, knowing he aroused her and was at the brink of madness at pushing her at the nearest wall to find her secret treasure, consequences be damned who would see them.

Not being able to hold out any longer, Klaus laid his hands on her stomach as he whispered huskily in her ear, “How about we leave this place?”

Somewhere between going to a bar with her friends and dancing with a hot guy Caroline realized several things. He was British (and hot!) and he could dance, so it clearly was a given that she would spend the night with him.

In between telling her friends she already had a ride home, who just wiggled their eyebrows and said, “Of course. Enjoy your ‘ride’!” Though even their teasing couldn’t bring her down from her highly aroused state.

Her stranger just put his hand on her waist on the way out and pushed her firmly against a dark SUV. Caroline kind of liked his aggressiveness. She curled her hands through his locks as he plundered her mouth. The blonde could barely restrain herself in the car from riding astride him in his seat but it didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy it. She teasingly laid her hand up his inner thigh and traced wet, open-mouthed kisses on the man’s throat and neck. His stubble tickled her skin and stirred her libido.

Caroline saw his eyes roll in the back of his head but miraculously he had perfect control over the vehicle. Though he gripped the steering wheel pretty hard. “You’re going to pay for that.” The hot guy said as he looked with darkened blue-green eyes at her and she knew that he would retaliate with the cruelest of torture.

Oh boy, was she looking forward to that.

This girl will be the death of me, Klaus thought as he pulled the blonde Siren into his hotel and shortly after in the lift. Along the way he couldn’t resist kissing her and laughing with her. However he would never admit that to anyone.

On the way up to the 30th floor the restricted space couldn’t save her from his onslaught of wild kisses and teasing touches. Realizing that they arrived, Klaus unlocked the girl’s legs off his waist and walked with quick steps to his suite. Fortunately, the Hybrid he put on guard duty had the common sense to be out of his hair.

He didn’t know how to explain that. Besides, he didn’t want to compel her. Klaus told himself that it was tedious but somehow knew it was more than that.

He was shaken out of his stupor when he was being pushed by the sassy blonde into his room, the light of the door barely blinking the green light. Klaus laughed freely at her obvious enthusiasm. Klaus shoved the door closed with his foot before his jacket was lowered off his shoulders and fell to the ground. Taking back his dominance, Klaus fulfilled his secret fantasy by pushing the girl at the wall and laid kisses upon her neck.

"What’s your name?" Came the breathy moan above him.

"Call me Klaus." He murmured towards her lips before paying attention to her bare shoulders.

The girl merely uttered, “Caroline.”

"Caroline…" Klaus whispered in reverence, pleased by the shivering reaction of his voice, "Pleasure, I’m sure."

"We’ll see about that." He looked up to see the teasing glint in her eyes and knew she was up to no good. Caroline grabbed for the hem of his shirt before she ripped it hastily off his body. Upon seeing his shirtless body, she stroked his chest and inspected his feathered tattoo on his left shoulder with her fingertips.

Caroline couldn’t describe the feeling flowing through her body when she saw his ink. This guy really was playing with her libido, she thought as he gazed up from under his eyelashes and showed her such an alluring smile she nearly came undone. With deliberated slowness Caroline turned halfway around but still looked over her shoulder as she pulled the zipper of her dress down, letting it fall down.

Only dressed in her black lacy lingerie and red high heels, she was about to take off her shoes but stopped when she heard the raspy voice, “Leave them on. I want to feel all of you.”

Caroline was a shivering mess of anticipation as she waited with bated breath, meanwhile Klaus walked with quick steps and a determined look to her to pull her with abandon towards his sculpted body. Klaus really had a nicely formed figure, not thin but also not too much muscles. He was just … perfect.

The blonde put her hands on his cheeks as she was being held securely by him and kissed without any restraint. With a yank Klaus pulled her cleavage towards his face as he walked with sluggish steps while he pulled down the straps of her bra to finally exposing her breasts to him, to a sturdy wooden table in front of the spectacular view of Portland.

The decorating vase on it didn’t exist very long as it was shoved to the ground, leaving it in pieces on the floor. She laughed out loud with him. Who knew this could be so much fun?

The laughter died down and turned to sighs when Klaus laid her gently on the surface and lavished her breasts with his talented tongue. Caroline rested her hands in his curls and tightened her calves around his waist as he licked and fondled her nipples.

Klaus nipped her buds, leaving her in a shivering mess between the most exquisite torture and sweet pleasure. Caroline whimpered in protest when his mouth left her to kiss along her ribs, the teasing tongue brushing her belly button and finally her panties.

This Caroline girl could really let herself go, Klaus thought as he fingered the fabric of her knickers to strip it off her slowly. He watched her reaction as he put the lacy arousal in front of his face, inhaling her alluring smell. When he saw her widening eyes and the dilated pupils, he knew he succeeded in making her hot and bothered.

Klaus threw the garment away before he went to his knees, pulled at her upper thighs until she sat right at the edge.

She realized she never found anything sexier than seeing a man on his knees, nearly fully clothed while she was standing butt naked with only her shoes before him. Caroline wondered who was at whose mercy. She supported her hands on his shoulders as he put his face in front of her cunt and kissed her clit.

"Klaus." Caroline breathed in a delirious tone.

"You smell delicious, love. I wonder if you taste even better."

"Please stop talking in this accent … if you don’t want me to come just yet." She couldn’t believe that she was able to string words together with the way Klaus curled his tongue inside her pussy and seemed to enjoy it, judging by his humming that reverberated through her body and how he licked her juices like it was the finest meal. And added the effect of rolling his thumb in circles on her clit.

Caroline felt like a bitch in heat how she writhed in desperation on he wooden surface and raked her nails down his back and head. She felt herself getting closer to her climax as Klaus tightened his hold on her legs around his head. She was kind of afraid she was suffocating him though she couldn’t bring herself to care while she raked with the her heels against his back.

Besides, Caroline got the feeling Klaus liked her reckless and wild.

"Oh, please. Klaus, … let me … I’m so close." Caroline nearly screamed.

At the loss of his tongue altogether, Caroline was about to protest and/or bite his head off and fell quiet at the serious look in his eyes when Klaus whispered to her labia, “Come for me, Caroline.” just as he put his finger inside her.

Caroline didn’t know if it were his words, his oh so talented finger or his dominating look, but she came. And fireworks danced in front of her eyes.

Klaus saw Caroline close her eyes and cling with all her might against him before her body was wrecked with shudders and her mouth cried out loud moans that he was afraid other customers might hear. Shrugging his shoulders, he came to the conclusion that he didn’t care.

They can hear all they want because in the end it was me who did this.

Klaus was filled with satisfaction so great, he believed he would combust, despite the feel of the marks on his back he quite enjoined. The Hybrid couldn’t suppress the smug smile etching on his face as Caroline sighed and lifted her disbelieving eyes at him.

"What’s that grin for?" She breathed the words in anger, unable though to keep the panting out of her voice.

"Oh, I’ll show you." Klaus said in a foreboding tone.

Caroline let out a startled cry as he carried her abruptly off the table to his king-size bed. She could barely appreciate the detail for the white linen and sheets when she was already unceremoniously dropped off and bounced up and down.

Caroline let out a giggle of happiness but chose to play the innocent victim by dragging herself away from him on the bed but was not able to erase the challenging stare. Additionally, she curled her finger to beckon him closer.

Seeing her arse teasing him when she drew back and the sly smile on her face made Klaus wonder if he finally found his match.

"So you want play, hmm? Are you sure about that?" Klaus sent a provocative look her way as he unbuckled his belt and opened the zipper of his jeans.

Caroline felt like a voyeur seeing him do a striptease. She gulped when she realized Klaus went commando. She bit her lip when he was finally naked. And what a specimen of a man he was, standing in front of her without anything standing in the way.

Klaus climbed up the bed with the appearance of a panther stalking its prey. There was no way to escape but she doubted she wanted an out.

Teasingly he stroked her ankles before he slowly took off her shoes, a clanking sound reverberated as he let them fall beside the bed.

He started kissing her thoroughly while holding her at the nape of her neck. Somewhere in her brain she registered him putting his hands on her waist. Caroline hummed and sighed as she laid a hand on his shoulder-blade and the other at the end of his back to caress his skin.

Her lover didn’t waste any time as Klaus ravaged her. Caroline rubbed herself on him to relieve some of the tension that was starting to build in her womb.

God, that British God could kiss.

Deciding that she wasn’t willing to wait any longer, Caroline flipped Klaus on his back with her on top of him. Klaus’s features initially displayed anger for being under her, this guy really had some control issues, but soon turned into anticipating pleasure at seeing her breasts ripe for the taking, coupled with her blonde waves in disarray. She seemed like a goddess to him.

Klaus settled his hands on her hips, eager and surprisingly willing to let the blonde minx take charge - for now.

Caroline began exploring his chest by stroking his chest that was covered with slight curls and kissed his pectoral muscles. Klaus sighed when she fondled and licked his nipples. This bloody Siren was such a tea-

"Bloody hell!" He moaned and arched his back, trying to ignore he almost painful stirring of his shaft, when Caroline bit in one of his nipples and tweaked the other one. This daring creature just bit him.

He forgot his line of thought when she dragged her dripping pussy along his growing penis, setting Klaus’s nerves on fire when he saw her juices coating him. He firmly grabbed her buttocks to stop any movements. He places her legs beside his narrow waist and pulled her slowly to him until they laid nose to nose.

Klaus felt Caroline’s chest rise and fall rapidly as he waited for her to take the initiative. Finally she supported her hands on his shoulders, she seemed to favour this part of his anatomy - though something told him Caroline would love another member more - and languidly shifted his hips to insert his cock in her entrance.

Both closed their eyes and sighed when they were finally joined as one. Two lovers wanting to keep this indescribable feeling but soon enough Caroline opened her eyes, her intentions clear to see and started moving.

Nothing could have prepped her for the warm emotion in her stomach, spreading to her pulsing clit. Caroline was definitely not ready for the feeling of exhilaration at seeing Klaus’s head thrown back, his mouth open to groan and cry out obscenities in his sexy accent, and surely not for his strong grip on her butt cheeks as he pulled her up and down.

Caroline began moving faster when Klaus hit a sensitive spot that left her gasping for air. “Yes, right there! Yes, please. Oh God!” She moaned but she could have screamed it for all she cared.

Klaus moaned and held her to him, his groans against her chest vibrated on her skin as he sucked her nipples.

"Love … you feel so good. Come on. Have at it."

At his words she was so close she moved frantically on top of him to chase her climax when Klaus pushed his way inside with such a force that she came with loud moans of pleasure and shudders going through her body. Caroline was just recovering from her explosive bliss when Klaus flipped her on her back again and displayed his dominant nature.

Caroline could only focus on Klaus and the way he pounded relentlessly inside her, rattling the bed harshly against the wall. He still grabbed her ass to open her more to him and panted above when she was coming again, a peak so much stronger than the other two. Caroline scratched her fingernails down his back in wild ecstasy as Klaus hid himself in her neck.

Warm breath spread over her neck and she felt his release shoot inside her womb. Her body was so full of sensations that Caroline could hardly recognize a slight nip at her neck.

It was such a glorious sight seeing Caroline climax. And she was such an exquisite taste. Klaus couldn’t resist having a bite of her as she came. It was a reinvigorating thing drinking her blood while in a sexual frenzy.

Klaus licked her wound clean, same as the remnants of her taste off his lips before carefully untangling himself from her, not wanting to squash her. For some reason, unbeknownst to him, he didn’t want to hurt her.

Klaus kept in mind to give her a bit of his blood after she fell asleep to take away any indications of what happened, despite his growing desire not to.

He was startled out of his thoughts when he heard her sigh, “I take everything back. You clearly know how to bring pleasure to a girl. You’re like a hungry wolf.”

Normally Klaus would be filled with paranoia for being called a Wolf. But for some reason he was overcome by this possessive feeling, for having the privilege to spending the night with her. This girl was really turning him inside out.

Klaus could only say, “I told you so.” before she fell into a deep sleep with a blissful smile stretched on her face.

When he saw her still donning the boots as she stretched like a content cat, Klaus pulled them off her to grant her more comfort. She really was confusing the hell out of him, a never-ending mystery, he mused while he found himself watching the girl during her sleep. He released a sigh by the thought of having to compel her to forget him and … their night together.

Klaus laid back down, feeling conflicted. Tomorrow, he thought, this could wait until tomorrow.

Caroline awoke in a relaxed state, her limbs might be aching but she felt even so … relaxed. Rays of sunlight streamed through the windows, warming her body. When she felt the soft sheets under her fingertips and the strong and moving pillow - wait, moving?!

She sat up straight at once with the sheet covering her clearly naked chest to clear her fuzzy and panicking mind and jerked her head around to survey the unfamiliar hotel suite, until she saw the naked man lying on his stomach.

Step by step her brain tried to tell her the deeds of last night … the so naughty and blistering things she did last night, including the British specimen, that she got hot all over.

Caroline couldn’t help the blush spreading on her cheeks when a thought came to mind. I was right about him being a ‘good dancer’ in bed and so right about them getting ‘wild in the sheets’.

Caroline bit her lip while she contemplated having another round with him, in the end there was no better way to wake up than morning sex, but she knew what she was to him - a one night stand. It was just for one night, no biggie. Though she felt sad about the fact that she would never see him again. But she would not offer herself to him to be rejected in the end. No thank you, Sir.

Klaus woke up at noon, realizing he slept in for the for the first time since … ages.

He stretched his arms and hid his face further in the pillows and was struck by the poignant smell of musk, perfume … and sex. A pleased smile etched his features as the memories of last night came to mind. Going to a bar to celebrate, finding a girl to celebrate with and spending a glorious night with her.

Klaus was itching to celebrate again and his stirring cock wasn’t helping matters either. He was aware of the case he couldn’t postpone the moment any longer when he had to send her away, or at least leave her before she woke, before compelling her. He knew it was harsh but he only cared about self-preservation, though an inkling told him otherwise.

Deciding to live in the moment he grabbed after Caroline - but only felt empty cold sheets. His head moved around and came up with the same results as before.

She left him. Damn bloody Caroline left him! How dare she.

Klaus knew he was being a hypocrite, considering the fact he was about to leave her. But he was filled with such a rage, compared to the failure of his first Hybrids, was that nothing. This was … more.

The Hybrid didn’t want to associate this with the hurt he felt or a bruised ego. He was going to find her so he could … finally compel her. Gods, even to him it sounded like a lame excuse. And why he sounded like a juvenile teenager was beyond him. Someone just like Caroline. It hurt thinking her name.

Klaus closed his eyes and his shoulders sagged. He felt defeated. Soon his body was overcome with an all-consuming craving. Finding the Doppelgänger would be nothing compared to this.

He would find the human. And this time she wouldn’t get away from him so easily.

This is it. The longest One-Shot I ever had to write. I still hope you liked it.

I hope I can make the next smutty chapter better! ;)

If you’re curious what Caroline was wearing, beneath this I listed the clothes.

Cotton lace crochet Ruffles two-piece dress, sexy elegant style

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Red 150mm Aborina Suede Open Toe Pumps

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Who Are You? - A Klaroline Fanfiction
Who Are You?

Hello everyone! I know I took my time but the last TVD episodes took my inspiration. What did you all think of the finales of The Originals and Once Upon a Time?

This chapter is completely AH - this is my first human story I wrote – just so you know.

No beta.

Now I got a crown ‘cause you gave it to me
Cleopatra strong, yeah you found it in me
Throwing all the pages of the past out the window
When you tell me that I’m beautiful, I feel it, I breathe it, believe it

- Power by Kat Graham -

Caroline jolted out of her sleep when she heard thumping sounds coming out of her apartment. Wait, what?

Jolting upright she risked a glance at her door, wishing she had x-ray vision to calm her racing heart. Caroline tried not to overreact. It could be Stefan, you know? Remember your best friend?

Who said that he was staying for the night with his girlfriend Lexi …


The next possible solution could be: one of her girlfriends were trying to surprise her by swinging by, Caroline looked over at her alarm clock, at 2 o’clock in the morning?! Seriously? Who does that?

Beads of sweat formed on her brow as she contemplated the third and most logical possibility, and jumped out of her bed. Caroline tried to be as quiet as possible as she tiptoed to her closet to get the wooden baseball bat out of her closet, hidden beneath her prized Jimmy Choos. She whispered a quiet ‘Thank you’ to her dad who taught her the most about self-defense.

This was at least something their parents could agree upon, protecting their only daughter.

Caroline got back to the third option, a freaking burglar just got inside her apartment! Maybe he just wants money, some valuables. O-okay. And maybe he will later come inside her room to finish the job! Caroline, gosh! Get your mind out of the gutter. He’s probably armed, not need to get worried about it.

The blonde heard another sound clinking sound and forced herself to pull herself together. You can do this, she told herself.

Caroline took a deep breath as she ventured in the kitchen where most of the treacherous sounds were coming from. Standing in her white tank top and black lace panties, she encouraged herself that now was not the time to think about her appearance. She probably was looking like a crazy woman with her wavy, blonde locks who was roused out of her sleep (which was kind of true) and the baseball bat raised in the air, poised to fight off every enemy coming her way.

Caroline closed her eyes and inhaled a deep breath before rounding the corner with an outcry, ready for battle.

"Aaaaahhh!", she exclaimed to the male stranger who she caught in the act with his fingers in her secret stash of cookies.

The intruder startled and in the haste dropped the container, but immediately bent down to put it back.

How dare he! Now she really was pissed.

The cookie thief at least had the decency to look guilty and raise his hands in the air, as in surrender, when he registered her fighting stance.

Caroline perused her opponent. Dark blonde curls which looked tousled atop of his head, a gray Henley joined with a dark leather jacket, a pair of jeans and brown work boots. If she weren’t so angry and awoken so early, or rather late, she would have warmed up to him.

The man could barely ogle her barely clothed appearance before being verbally attacked by her.

"Who are you and what the hell are you doing in my apartment, eating my cookies?!” Caroline exclaimed.

"Woah, woman! And who are you, love?" She heard him say with a British accent. Oh my God! He had an accent?! Focus, Caroline!

"You don’t… I’m not your anything! And I asked you first." Caroline said in an angry tone.

The stranger peered at the weapon in her hand and reasoned, “Well, would you mind putting down your murder weapon for starters?” He pulled up his eyebrows and indicated with a shake of his head to her equipment to emphasize his point.

She almost forgot about the so-called murder weapon as she looked down and nearly laughed at how ridiculous she must look. Caroline couldn’t help staying distrustful as she laid the bat on her kitchen counter but decided to let it in her reach. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the blonde guy trying and failing to suppress a smile.

In response Caroline rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. “So, you didn’t answer my question, pal.” She countered mockingly.

She could see him lowering his head to pull himself together before saying, “My name is Niklaus Mikaelson. But you can call me Klaus.”

When Caroline saw him bestowing her with a charming smile (no, don’t you dare think he’s charming!) and even more adorable dimples which made her instantly swoon but she forced herself to steel her walls against this British Casanova.

"Well then, Niklaus,” she said out of spite but saw the twitch of his lip nonetheless, “what are you doing in my apartment?” Caroline tried to muster in a civil but offhanded way.

"I was actually going to visit a friend, Stefan Salvatore. You know him?"

That took the wind out of her sails.

"Wait. You know Stefan?"

He hesitated before telling her, “Yes, we met in College and he told me about a blonde girlfriend. You wouldn’t be…?” Klaus looked at her from under his eyelashes and resembled a puppy. Which she was so not falling for. Nope.

"God, no! Never. How could you think that… me and Stefan?" She couldn’t help the blushing smile and definitely not her rambling as she looked at Klaus. Why everyone around her thought so was beyond her. They were best friends. They could always rely on each other in their need of comfort. Bros before hoes, and all that.

Klaus exhaled loudly as he said, “Well, that’s good to know, love.”

Seeing him with a smile and a mischievous glint in his eyes, she uttered, “What’s that look?”

"What look?" He replied in an innocent way.

"Oh, please. Innocence doesn’t become you."

He stated smugly, “You see, I wouldn’t want to break any code by going after his best friend.”

She couldn’t help laughing wholeheartedly at his cockiness. “Wow, you don’t do things at half speed, mister!” Together they joined in laughter and she felt the tension subside. It looked like the ice was broken.

When Caroline felt Klaus’s intense gaze on her she couldn’t help but notice how expressive his eyes were. Despite her want to look away she wasn’t able to but reciprocate his stare.

"You didn’t tell me your name, sweetheart." He whispered in a hoarse voice.

"Now why would I do that?" Caroline flirted back. Wait, what are you doing, Caroline? You’re flirting?! Just 20 seconds ago you were so angry flashes of lightning could have shot out of your eyes!

Klaus leaned with his arm on the kitchen counter and as she felt his waist so close to hers did she realize how close they stood to each other. If someone asked why she didn’t scoff back, she would say that this guy was different than anyone she had ever met. Okay, he was so sure of himself but he was also really suave and good-looking and this accent… Who wouldn’t get weak in the knees?

"Because I was greeted and almost attacked by a baseball bat wielding woman who was for some reason rather cross with me." He answered with a mocked frown.

Caroline had to hold her hands in front of her face to hide her blushing face. She was quite sure he wouldn’t let her live that down. She looked up into his face and saw the dimples for the first time. And up close he looked even more beautiful to her. Do you even call a guy beautiful these days? Furthermore, Caroline could appreciate stubbled cheeks and blue-green eyes. Feeling his stare on her lips, she let go of it, not realizing she has bitten on it this whole time.

Deciding to give him the benefit of the doubt since Klaus and Stefan seemed to know each other, Caroline decided to just go for it, “The name is Caroline.” She held her hand in front of him as an introduction. “Baseball bat wielding woman who gets angry when being woken out of her sleep by someone eating her cookies.” She added in a serious tone but failed when a giggle broke through. She swore her cheeks hurt from all this laughing.

When Caroline felt his callused hand touch hers and pull her slightly in his direction, she couldn’t suppress the shudder going through her body. The caressing motion he did with his thumb didn’t help her case either. She cleared her throat and sidestepped him to break the thick air that had befallen the room.

God, is she stunning. He couldn’t help admiring the blonde’s backside in her black underwear. Klaus surely expected other things when coming to his mate’s flat but certainly not a raging woman ready to attack him with a baseball bat. Well, he should consider himself lucky she didn’t have a gun.

He thought about surprising his best friend and knew Stefan didn’t like them at all. Who knew that in the end he would get a pleasant surprise? The fact that the fiery blonde was only in her underwear was just the icing on the cake. Klaus tried to ignore that Stefan and him wouldn’t be on friendly terms when he found out about him seducing his best friend, but he still propositioned her, damn the consequences.

"So, Caroline,…" Klaus could barely suppress a smile at seeing the gorgeous woman blush and evading his eyes as she put the box of biscuits back in the cupboard - and what a delight it was seeing Caroline’s rising hem of her tank top, which showed more of her delectable body. Fortunately, he was the only one who could hear himself growl.

Looking into her blue eyes, which were illuminated by the moon shining through the windows, leaving her in a glorious sight and rendering him speechless, did Klaus notice she turned around.

"You were saying, Niklaus?” If he didn’t know any better, he’d say she was trying to ruffle him by calling him by his given name. But in the end she made his oh-so-hated name sound so appealing coming from her lips.

"Uhm,…" He murmured, "I guess I forgot when looking at your beauty."

Caroline only rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath, “Smooth talker.” She cleared her throat to sidetrack from the topic, namely her. “So I guess you could stay overnight. Stefan said he would come tomorrow again.”

Seeing the devilish twinkle in his eyes, she rephrased to chase off any naughty thoughts clouding his mind, though she clearly wouldn’t mind.

Where the hell did that thought come from?

"And you can take the couch." Caroline pointed with her finger at him.

"Pity." Klaus whispered in the night which didn’t go unnoticed by the blonde who immediately admonished him with her infamous don’t-screw-with-me look and he raised his hands in surrender the second time this evening.

It seemed like this girl made him want to submit to her, were his thoughts when he heard Caroline’s retreating footsteps.

Looking up, he discovered the object near the wash basin and grabbed it as Klaus called out her name, “Caroline.”

Caroline hesitated before she set her hands on her hips before raising an expected eyebrow at him.

"Didn’t you forget something, love?"

Caroline saw her baseball bat in Klaus’s grip and could hit her head at the nearest wall or let the ground swallow her whole, preferably both.

She walked in two brisk steps to him and snatched it from him, trying to ignore the prickling feeling she got where their hands touched. “Thank you.” She muttered to him before turning around.

"What was that? I didn’t quite hear you, love." Caroline could almost feel his smug grin but she didn’t dare turn around, in fear of admitting defeat. Intent on ignoring the British jerk who was oh so amused at her expense, did she go in direction of her room as she heard him shout out again.

"And, Caroline?"

Klaus was enjoying himself immensely. This girl, Caroline, was fun and adorable and he didn’t think he laughed so playfully this much since leaving his childhood home in London, although he doubted there was much to laugh about. Trying to dispel any dark memories from evoking and festering his soul, Klaus put on a sincere and shy smile, “Good night, sweetheart.”

When Caroline did turn around he could see the rare and thankful smile grace her beautiful features as she nodded before going back to sleep.

It was a start, he thought to himself as he laid down on the beige-coloured sofa which was decorated with an array of pillows.

The smile never left Klaus’s face as he drifted off to sleep.

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Ever had the feeling when you wrote a fanfiction and kept editting it for several weeks even, but in the end you feel like it’s not good enough?
Well, that’s why I need fans like you who tell me their appreciation in heartfelt and wonderful responses! :)

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Apparently how people feel after waking up from naps.


How I feel after waking up from naps.


So true
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Pull Me Down - A Klaroline Fanfiction
Pull Me Down

Here I am again. After reviews of people saying they wanted an update of my former story ‘Save My Life’, I created a second part. I hope you like it. This is longer than the last chapter, just so you know. On top of every chapter I’m going to put in lyrics of songs that move me or get stuck in my head. Please remind me if I do forget it! ;)

I’m going to stop blabbing.

I don’t own TVD. I grant the courtesy to Julie Plec.

No Beta. Set some time after 3x03.

Warning: Lemons in this chapter!

P.S. Thank you, SweetyK for reminding me of the “tiny” technical problem. I’m sending you a cookie and a hug! ;)

Pull me down if you want to

and I hope that you want to

Cause I want to be your man

And I wanna say it loud

You can show me where trouble goes

Tell me secrets only trouble knows

Cause you wanna be my girl

And you wanna say it loud

- Pull Me Down by Mikky Ekko -

What happened before:

Caroline went to Klaus so he could save her friend Tyler who was poisoned by a hunter. He turns him into a hybrid, and therefore sires him.

3 Weeks later…

If you saw the young woman sitting at the counter of a sordid bar which was located across the highway, sipping a Rum and Coke, you would think she got her heart broken by a guy, wouldn’t you?

Granted, she was sitting on her stool for about an hour nursing a drink and kept them coming. Every time a man even came within proximity and was about to utter a come-on, she’d hiss and exert a death glare which made every poor guy never stand a chance as they scurried off in shaking boots.

Another possibility could be a quarrel with her friends that made her feel inclined to wallow her sorrows in this kind of joint.

Well, I guess you would never think of the alternative of her friend, who she was kind of starting to more than like, getting killed so he could be saved (she sort of initiated that by going to an immortal-badass-hybrid-king and asking for his help). Her friend was a werewolf, recently turned into a hybrid. Half-wolf, half-vampire. Complicated and twisted, huh? Well, that was her world.

As Caroline propped her chin on her elbow, she began to think of what a mess her life has become since … everything. First turning into a vampire, becoming friends with a werewolf who could bite her anytime - and that would mean: Bye-bye Vampire Life! Let’s not forget a freakish hot hybrid guy coming into town (I didn’t say hot, okay?! He’s so not!), wreaking havoc in Mystic Falls and turning everything upside down.

Now this guy wants to get himself more puppies for his collection? I mean, seriously?! Just go to the freaking animal shelter and get yourself one.

She just longed for the good, old and easy times when her friend Tyler wasn’t always on the lap of Klaus, trying to please his master at every turn.

Just here she was at a sleazy and quite questionable place, only that her friends wouldn’t see what was bothering her. Still she doubted they would notice since they were all so focused on a new Elena-related problem. Which brought her back to this hybrid.

Merely thinking about this insane guy made her want to shag hi- no! I meant gag him. Gag him.

Speak of the Devil …

"What a pleasant surprise, love." came the soft words whispered into her right ear.

… and he shall appear.

How wonderful. I have naughty thoughts of him and he materializes for real. God, can anyone just shoot me now?

Caroline turned with a sigh, realizing just now how tipsy she really was and put on an irritated face. “Oh, it’s you.” When the blonde tried to cross her arms, she noticed barely that her body didn’t really want to function with her body and she looked like a gangster trying to appear tough to Klaus.

Seeing her hands holding her elbows evoked a barely choked laugh which he tried to hide with his most serious look. But failed miserably. It still didn’t mean that her words didn’t sting.

"What are you doing here, love, all by your lonesome?"

"Well, who says I’m alone, huh?" Even to her the words sounded slurred. Stay strong, Caroline. Put your big-girl-pants on!

Simultaneously, they both looked to her right seat which was, of course - empty.

Pulling up his eyebrows and folding his arms behind his back, Klaus kept an attentive stance, saying ‘I’m all ears’.

Caroline tried to come up with something and knew that her buzzed brain wouldn’t come up with sober ideas (pun intended).

"Can’t you see him? His name’s José. And he can only be seen by awesome people!"

Now that truly cracked him up. Caroline begrudgingly admitted that she liked his deep laugh, but totally did not like that it was at her expense. As she stretched her arm for another drink to cover up her face of embarrassment, she could barely blink when her damn hybrid grabbed her arm.

"Alright, love. I think you’ve had enough for one night." He paid her tab as he dragged her out of the establishment.

Trying to ignore the burning heat scorching her skin where he touched her, she attempted to remember that she was supposed to be angry that this, ugh!, psychotic, crazy and brute egomaniac was cutting her fun night off!

"What the hell is wrong with you? I so do not need your help. This is the freaking Twenty-first century, okay? I make my own decisions and I certainly don’t want the advice of a guy who wants his own collection of puppies! Oh my God, you’re Cruella de Klaus!” Caroline had no idea how she come up with feminist ideals to Disney Villains.

"Who is - what?" Klaus was so perplexed that he stopped moving without realizing.

"Never mind. Would you just let go off me? I can drive home on my own." She barely went one step towards her silver Ford Fiesta before she was raised in the air, laid on a sturdy shoulder, her backside in the air.

Caroline could only blurt out a startled cry when she detected that this crazy-ass-hybrid was carrying her like a petulant child. She never felt more humiliated in her life before!

Klaus inwardly sighed at the feeling of this glorious body on his shoulder. He revelled in her soft skin as he imperceptibly caressed the back of her thigh. It was not so bad that this part of her anatomy connected to her luscious looking buttocks.

"Ugh! Put me down, you damn hybrid! I can walk. What about my car?!" Caroline yelled these words outraged in the rhythm of her fists banging with all her might against his back, but to her it felt like hitting a brick wall.

"Don’t worry, love. You’ll see it tomorrow again."

When the rage cleared her foggy brain she perceived the strong hand having a tight hold over her leg. His warm hand didn’t help her mind that was already in the gutter. Klaus’s hands on her skin stroking a path only he knew of. Wet lips breathing hot air in her neck. She arched her back with all the sensations coursing through her body, leaving her in a wiggling mess. Caroline felt him putting a firm hand on her stomach, initiating dominance, making her feel helpless but, oh so turned on. This guy will be the death of her, she thought. When she felt his hot breath going south, Caroline knew she too far gone in her arousal to care about anything else around her as he used his tongue to li-


The vampire opened her eyes when she realized she was still perched on his shoulder, and more importantly having indecent and worrying fantasies … again. She made out the uttered words spoken by the insane, controlling hybrid and not her fantasy-Klaus.

"Everything okay?" Did she detect something in his voice?

"Uh, … yes." If she wasn’t so flustered, she would have snapped at him despite his caring tone.

This girl will be the death of me, Klaus thought. He could have never predicted what would happen as he pulled this woman over his shoulder. Granted, he knew what he was doing and liked the idea of touching her and asserting his dominance on her.

However when he registered the distinct smell of her arousal, he was a goner. In this moment he never felt more blessed and cursed with his werewolf gene. Besides, it didn’t make his ‘walking problem’ any easier.

He was though plagued with her secret thoughts and wondered who was evoking these sentiments of her. Hopefully not this pup.

Klaus truly appreciated the view of her short royal blue dress … and let’s not forget the dangerous looking black stilettos he wouldn’t mind digging into his back as he’d hold her thighs.

Focusing his thoughts elsewhere, Klaus noticed that he reached his destination as he placed Caroline in the passenger seat.

"Are you going to put my seat belt on up next?" Caroline teased.

Chuckling, Klaus murmured, “If all you wanted was my hands on you, all you had to do was ask.”

Without waiting for a retort Klaus closed her door and went to the driver seat.

When they were on the road, he felt the gaze of Caroline, looking at him puzzled.

"What were you even doing here?" Caroline asked finally.

"What were you doing there?” Klaus retorted with a counter question.

"Well, … I asked you first." Caroline replied with a taunting smile.

After some time to think if he should tell the truth he decided, “I was worried about you.”

Shock. That’s how he would decipher the look on the young vampire’s face. “Uh, you? But … why?”

He saw how she indeed had not a hunch what to retort to that. Maybe Caroline was expecting a more bantering kind of conversation, nothing serious. Perhaps she was letting things slide when she was with her so-called friends, but not with him.

"I know you’re mad at me." Klaus stated.

"Why would I be mad with you?" Caroline stammered with a smile. Nice try, sweetheart. Your smile can’t fool anyone.

"Do you remember a week ago? At the Town Square?" He continued when he saw her trying to deny everything vehemently. "You were wearing a white summer dress and just leaving the Grill as you saw me crossing the street. And what did you do?" Klaus looked at Caroline expectantly.

"This was not what…"

"I’ll tell you what you did. You went still as a statue and just … turned around. Pretending I wasn’t even there." He had to admit it still hurt when she turned her back on him. Even after everything he did for her.

"I just want you to tell me what’s wrong, Caroline. I saved your friend’s life. You asked me and I did. Now tell me why you recently act like I’m a stranger to you."

With a hard voice Caroline said, “Do you really want to know? Well, guess what? Don’t ask things you don’t want to hear the answers to.”

After the outburst of Caroline it has gone quiet in the car. Klaus had no idea how to change her opinion of him, though as much as he wanted to and Caroline felt uncomfortable with the awkward silence.

She admitted that she was partly responsible for her own predicament when she literally begged for Klaus’s help. Caroline gathered her courage when she spoke softly, “I’m sorry.”

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Klaus tense and lick his lips. God, these lips. Caroline, FOCUS!

When he stayed silent she continued in her rant, “I know I shouldn’t be mad at you when I asked you to save Tyler’s life - ” Gosh, why does he always have to make a fist when I say his name?! " - and I’m grateful for what you did. But you turned everything upside down in this town! Siring hybrids, wreaking havoc and playing the bad guy. When will this ever end?" By the end her hands were in her hair and she looked with disbelieving eyes at the hybrid in question, only realizing seconds later that they stopped at her house.

Klaus pondered his next words while trying to tame his temper. True honesty, he thought, it was so rare to him, but not with Caroline. “You see … I am the bad guy, Caroline.”

He wanted to lash out at her. This was the way he always had been and always will be. Perhaps this was how they functioned, if someone came too close to them they shied away.

"I refuse to believe that." She spoke in soft and caring voice.

"Believe it."

When it turned quiet again, a question was burning in his mind that had plagued him all along.

"You once said that …" He laughed disbelievingly, not quite understanding why he was doing this, "… you said what I really wanted was loyalty." Klaus sensed her turn her head turn abruptly to him and knew she remembered.

"Did you mean it?"

After a moment’s consideration Caroline said, “Yes. But I won’t be loyal to you because I’d be obligated. I want to.”

Together they shared a small smile in the dark night.

Caroline had not a clue why she was being nice to him. Lie. She knew why. In some rare moments she saw Klaus how he really was. He seemed … human. Maybe that was what drew her to him. He allowed himself to be vulnerable to her and trusted her. How could she not like him?

When the moon reflected in his gleaming eyes, Caroline plucked up her courage and leaned forward.

Klaus’s breath hitched and thought he was dreaming when he felt the sensation of Caroline’s soft lips on his cheek. He still closed his eyes to savour this moment.

He caught her blushing smile before Caroline hurried out of his car.

Just before she reached her door, he couldn’t help but call out, “Caroline, love?”

When Klaus saw her beautiful face again he dared, “You look ravishing, by the way.”, before driving away.

Not seeing a joyful smile on Caroline’s face.

Here it is, guys! How do you like it? Please leave a message and/or a review.

I’m trying to write longer chapters in the future, so buckle up.

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Personal Matter

This will be a collection of drabbles and one-shots of Olicity, my new favorite OTP from the tv show Arrow. Though I can’t promise that I will update regularly.

This chapter is something that came to my mind after I watched a documentary last night which is sadly based on true events and I hope people won’t just close their eyes but do something about it.

No beta.

Warning: mentions of animal abuse

This is survival of the fittest

This is do or die

This is the winner takes it all

So take it all

- Survival by Eminem feat. Liz Rodrigues-

Oliver heard her stomp down the stairs and she seemed to drag a cloud of agitation with her before she vented her emotions loud and clear as she called out, “Oliver Queen!”

Diggle raised his eyebrows and shared an amused look with him before he leaned with crossed arms against Felicity’s work desk, waiting for her rant to begin.

Oliver knew it was a rare occurrence that Felicity could get truly angry and was able to count on one hand how often it did happen. Seeing her stormy eyes and thin lips made him all that much aware that this was serious.

He only hoped that he wasn’t the reason why she was so upset. Oliver could still remember the last time when he used her computer and inadvertently of course deleted her dating account, though he couldn’t deny the fact that he didn’t like seeing her smile and flush so often but hid behind the screen after looking over at her in question.

"I need you." Did she really just say-

Seeing that it could be taken differently Felicity backtracked with a blush on her face. “I mean, not you you. I need the Arrow’s help.”

Felicity inwardly cursed her tendency to make accidental sexual innuendos around her boss and partner. But she wouldn’t deter herself from her mission.

Diggle coughed to keep her mind back on track, “What for?”

Felicity sent a grateful smile his way before she looked at Oliver again. “An hour ago I received an e-mail from a good friend of mine from College. Admittedly, she transferred later on and worked for a Greenpeace-like organization. I can’t tell you names but let’s call her ‘Amanda’.”

She had them rapt in her story but John and Oliver couldn’t suppress their smiles at her endearing ways and let her continue.

"So Amanda got in contact with me…" She walked with brisk steps over to her computers and shooed Diggle away who didn’t want to stand in her way and went to Oliver’s side who watched her with curious eyes and wondered what left her in such a distraught state.

"… and sent me a video that she could procure from someone who works for the district. And I think you should see for yourself." After a few clicks the screens showed the footage of pigs kept in cages, presumably at a pig farm.

Oliver looked over at Felicity and saw her visibly flinching and anticipating what was to come.

Soon enough a male employee took a young pig out of one of the sections and held it by its hind legs before beating it to death against a wooden door.

Oliver could see now what had the blonde so shaken up but that didn’t mean he liked what was displayed on the screens. And he had a hunch that Diggle would agree if his flexed arms and the tic in his jaw were any indication.

Furthermore the video was proof that these animals were in need of medical help as they were killed unnecessarily.

After a while Felicity shut off the devices with closed eyes and shaky hands. She visibly needed a minute for herself before she swiveled in her chair and looked up at them with her hands folded in her lap.

She looked like the epitome of calm but he knew she was far from it.

"What do you want me to do?" Oliver asked cluelessly.

Was he serious?! “What I - ? Are you for real?! You saw what they did. You’ve got to do something at least, Oliver!” Felicity exclaimed in indignant outrage.

"Felicity, these are … pigs." He said in a calm voice.

"So?" She abruptly stood up to prove a point.

Diggle was already taking several cautious steps back so he couldn’t get caught in the crossfire called ‘Felicity and Oliver’. These two could really fight like an old married couple sometimes.

"Don’t these animals-” She raised her fingers as quotation marks, “- like you call them, deserve justice? They are being killed without fair reason. Neglected of medical attention. How is that so different from what you do, huh?”

In her anger she didn’t notice how close she had gotten to him until she felt their breaths mingle.

Felicity, focus! Don’t look at his lips.

She closed her eyes to gather her wits before opening them again to speak in a soft and pleading voice, “… Please, Oliver.”

Her equal in every way leaned a bit closer like he was sharing a secret and her heart filled with joy at the prospect that he was willing to help her but also excited to be this close to him.

"Is this because you’re Jewish?" Oliver said in a whisper.

Felicity’s eyes widened as she looked at him in disbelief. Ugh! This beefy jerk of a muscled rock. Damn him!

Oliver saw the storm in her eyes erupt into an inferno before he felt the stinging pain on his cheek, followed by a resounding slap.

Felicity stormed off, not to be stopped by neither him or Diggle, towards his stand of arrows and bows and pushed the black-colored bow in its designated form for effect. “If you’re not willing to do it, then I am.” Felicity said with a dead serious face.

Diggle and Oliver jumped from their positions while they raised their hands in surrender and to calm her down.

"Felicity, think about this." Diggle tried to reason with her.

"I know you’re upset but what are you gonna do? Scour every pig farm in the neighborhood?"

"No, but it would’ve been nice to have your support after all the times I helped you in your assignments!" Felicity raised her voice to show him how hypocritical he sounded.

Oliver sighed, “Felicity, you’re not ready yet. Yes, you trained with Diggle and me. But you’re not ready for an outdoor mission. You always tell me to be smart and to spy out every angle of a task. You’re rushing into this.”

Felicity stepped one step forward and looked at him hopefully, “Then do this for me. Fight this injustice.”

Oliver hesitated, “I - “

She briefly showed her disappointment which hurt more than any bullet ever could before she closed off any emotion and was strengthened in her resolve.

"Then you’ve made your choice, Oliver." He heard her say before she left the foundry.

"So you say if I sign this, this video won’t be made public, right?" Stephen Harris, the agriculture official made sure as he nervously shifted in his seat.

It was deep in the night in his office. All his employees were already gone and for some reason the lights went out. He could barely jump out of his seat before he felt something sharp weapon placed at his throat.

In front of him stood a red-headed woman with a leather corset with sculpted sleeves that reached to her stomach, leather pants paired with over-knee boots, a mask that covered her eyes and gloves that almost reached her elbows, all dressed in black.

"Why, yes, of course." His attacker pursed and settled her hands on her hips confidently.

After he signed with reluctance, the papers were ripped from under his hands.

Felicity was just about to climb out of the already opened office window as she was called out by the man who hid behind his façade to make dubious business behind closed doors.

"Who are you?"

She tried to rein in the adrenaline pumping through her veins and felt so close to her success. Felicity stood rooted to her spot and whispered with the voice modulator, “Isn’t it the means of a mask to hide your true identity? Just like you do.”

She smiled in glee when she saw him flinch in apprehension. “And when you want to tell your friends that you received a visit from me … Go ahead. Tell them. I will see to it that you all will meet justice. Artemis will punish you.”

Wow, now she knew how it was for Oliver to talk about himself in the third person. She admonished herself for even thinking about him in the first place. She was still angry at him.

And with one last meaningful look Felicity jumped out of the building.

Oliver’s search wasn’t a success. After he felt the guilt at not standing by Felicity’s side from the start nearly suffocating him - and not to forget the murderous glare Digg sent his way, a man who was able to mask his feelings most times - he felt inclined to look after his blonde IT-girl to protect her if she needed him and to at least admit his faults.

Digg merely said with a gruff voice, “Just bring her back.”, before he left to go home to his wife Lyla.

Oliver didn’t like arguing with her. She had been siding with him from the beginning, when no one else was willing to.

He did appreciate her. He just didn’t want to see her getting hurt. Oliver could still remember the times her life was at stake. He never wanted to ever feel this way again.

He’d rather endure the pain that was inflicted on him on the Island ten times over than see the light someday succumb to darkness.

Oliver didn’t want to corrupt her with this line of work. Because in the end her optimism and faith kept him going.

He went down the stairs of his sanctuary and froze when he looked up.

"Felicity." Oliver whispered and sighed in relief.

She was hunched over her desk but tensed when she heard him say her name. The blonde closed her eyes in defeat and turned around, expecting one of his infamous lectures.

"What, Oliver?" Felicity challenged him with a firm tone. "If you’re here to rebuke me for how foolish and stupid I’ve been, you can save it-"

"That’s not what I was going to say." Oliver halted her speech and stretched out a hand to show his sincerity. She kept quiet when she saw his pleading gaze. "I was not considerate enough when you came to me with this matter."

"You think?" Felicity scoffed. She was still hurt that he just shrugged her off. Her whole life she had been written off as the unimportant one, the one which opinions and words didn’t count. She would’ve thought he saw her as … more.

Oliver swallowed and visibly struggled with himself yet forced out, “I’m sorry.” He continued before Felicity could interrupt him again. Saying this out loud was hard enough as it was.

"I don’t want you to get hurt. I keep you in the foundry in the hopes that you will be safe here. You can’t fault me for trying to look after you, can you? And what I was going to say, it wasn’t stupid … I think it was really brave of you."

Oliver didn’t realize until now how strung up he was when his muscles relaxed at seeing a soft smile grace Felicity’s face. She bit her lip and stepped forward to envelop him in her arms. He blew out the breath he had held and took her in her arms willingly.

Oliver let a content smile smooth his features before Felicity removed herself too fast in his opinion.

"Well, you’re not completely forgiven…" The blonde said with a twinkle in her eye which made him chuckle, "… but you’re one step closer in gaining it." She winked at him before she sauntered to her computers.

He stared after her for a few seconds before he said what he had asked himself, “So … what did you do?”

"I didn’t kill anyone if that’s what you mean." Felicity said without looking up while she logged into her devices.

"No, I didn’t think you would. But you got me curious now, what did you do?” Oliver inquired and stood in front of her workspace, so she would have no other option but to face him.

She lifted her head and looked up at him from under her glasses and hesitated before answering, “I guess you’ll see tomorrow.”

Felicity grabbed her jacket and her purse and walked towards the stairs.

"What is tomorrow?" Oliver walked behind her to find out what she was up to.

"You’ll see."

The next morning Diggle, Oliver and Felicity were sitting in the foundry and watching the latest news.

"… confessed that he, the official from the department for Agriculture was embezzling money and Mr. Harris seemed to be working with Lionel Charleston, a man who would benefit from the low prices his friend had imposed."

Oliver was watching Felicity with a proud and impressed smile, though he didn’t expect anything less genius from her.

He saw her trying to hide the uplifting lips behind her hand but failed to hide the mirth in her eyes. Diggle just snorted and shook his head at her with a chuckle.

They continued listening to the female reporter tell about the scandalous discovery.

"Rumor has it, a masked red-headed woman delivered legitimate proof that uncovered this fraud and corruption. This is a sketch of the person responsible for disclosing this issue."

Next a picture was shown on the TV screen, her black leather outfit which accentuated her breasts and curves, a mask covering her eyes, paired with her red-haired wig.

Diggle raised his eyebrows and couldn’t suppress a chuckle when he looked at Oliver.

The blonde man’s jaw went slack and his eyes almost popped out of his head. It looked practically comical to Felicity and Diggle how he reacted towards her choice of clothes.

He shut off the television and slowly turned to Felicity, his eyes widened in disbelief.

"This is what you wore last night?" Oliver asked in a deceptively quiet voice, barely able to control his temper. All he imagined was the sultry disguise she wore.

A blush featured Felicity’s cheeks as she bit her lower lip. Rolling her eyes, she turned away to turn on the computers.

Oliver swallowed thickly and asked again with a slight crack in his voice, “I mean, really, did you?”

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